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About us

Welcome to EMS Werteinlagerung, your specialist for the secure storage of valuables in your personal, private safe deposit box. We offer you bank-independent storage of everything that is important to you – with the best security standards, high flexibility, and exemplary discretion. Whether sensitive documents, data carriers, cash, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, or works of art – in many cases, loss has serious consequences. Put the safety of such items in trustworthy hands. In our bank-independent lockers, you store your items securely, and according to the highest standards of German safety certification.

Our name stands for maximum security when storing your valuables in one of the most secure lockers in Europe! A number of experiences from various sectors of security and warehouse management provide the basis of EMS Werteinlagerung. Bank-independent lockers, anonymous, private, discreet, and accessible around the clock.

Bernd Elsenhans

Bernd Elsenhans

“He should actually be 70 years old for all that he’s done so far” – stated the former managing director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Klaus Moser

In fact, however, he was not born until 1971 in Steinheim, but at the age of 18, he already founded EOS Sicherheitsdienst GmbH & Co. KG. To this day, he has been managing partner with, in the meantime, more than 300 employees. He retired from the operational management of EOS at the beginning of 2017, and has been responsible for the strategic orientation of the company since then. Bernd Elsenhans was also active as a local politician of the Steinheim municipal council for a period of 16 years, and has been a longstanding member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce plenary assembly, as well as a board member of several important organizations

The history of EMS Werteinlagerung

EMS Werteinlagerung e. K. arose from an idea of the original founders, idea givers, and partners Bernd Elsenhans, Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) MPhil Jürgen Müller, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Sakowski. The initial foundation of EMS Werteinlagerung GbR was completed in November 2009. Meanwhile, Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) MPhil Jürgen Müller exclusively takes care of his company Prof. Dr. Klaus Sakowski holds a full professorship at the DHBW in Baden-Württemberg. Bernd Elsenhans has been the sole shareholder since 2015.

With the planning of a new business building for EOS Sicherheitsdienst GmbH & Co. KG in 2007 and 2008 by Bernd Elsenhans, managing director and shareholder, in Heidenheim an der Brenz, the business activity of EMS Werteinlagerung GbR developed, after having moved in in 2009, with offering several hundred lockers.

Since then, one of the safest bunker systems with several hundred lockers has been available to various customers from the industry, precious metal trading, and private individuals.

An essential component of this new company building is unparalleled and Europe-wide unique vault in the underground cellar area. From then on, the safes have ensured the storage of valuables of all kinds in a highly protected area.


Our mission
We make it possible for you to store items of value, such as cash, gold, silver, and other precious metals, important documents, or paintings and antiques, in your private locker. It is also possible to rent complete safes with a capacity of several hundred liters.

Our vision
We would like to make it possible for you in Germany, and all across Europe, to store valuables independently of banks – with the highest security standards and at fair prices. In one of the safest storage locations you can imagine. The “Swabian Fort Knox”. Where customers and renters, from all over Germany and from neighboring countries, use EMS lockers.

Our values
SAFE – The security of your valuables is our top priority. Therefore, our vaults are equipped with the latest security technology. Our established and discreet storage system optimally supplements safety standards.

INDEPENDENT – We operate independently of banks, and offer you the highest possible level of reliability, including 24-hour access, 365 days a year, around the clock.

DISCREET – We guarantee maximum discretion, integrity, and anonymity for exclusive storage in your personal locker.


We offer lockers for everything that is important and valuable to you. With guaranteed access 24 hours a day, around the clock on 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Fast and safe access, no matter where you live. EMS serves clients from Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Cologne, Berlin, Bremen, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy … securely, anonymously, and independently of banks.

What we offer you …

In addition to precious metals, cash, confidential documents, or back-up copies, you can also store paintings or jewelry with us. We offer lockers in 7 different sizes. Dimensions and prices can be found in our price over. If you would like to store something larger, simply contact us. On request, we can provide you with a safe with a capacity of up to several hundred liters. All valuables are stored best and safest with EMS Werteinlagerung, and that for about 30 years.

Our vault is air-conditioned, so you can also store sensitive objects of art with us. We offer you the highest safety standard in our high-security safe, which is certified according to the European standard for burglary protection, and also offers the highest security level according to its VdS protection class.

If you are a locker customer with us, we offer you an interesting service in cooperation with Goldkanzlei GmbH, Heidenheim. You can have your precious metals, which you have purchased in the Goldkanzlei shop at, delivered directly to us.

We store the consignments unopened in our vault cellar free of charge for a maximum of six months in collective storage. Within this period of time, you can pick up your shipment whenever you have the time, and store it in your anonymous, bank-independent safe deposit box. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever you want.

You can find our current flyer HERE. An overview of our offers of seven different sizes of lockers.

Locker rental / Safe rental information

Highest standards guarantee highest safety. The storage facility is certified according to ECB.S EN 1143-1, the European standard for burglary protection.

The resistance grade of the walk-in vault area consists of a protection grade XI/KB of the ECB.S 1143-1. The security technology corresponds to the highest VdS protection class C.

  • Monitoring of the safe room 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Latest-generation video sensors
  • Biometric security interlocks
  • Air-conditioned safe / humidity for storage of paintings on request
  • Emergency call control center with equipment and safety system in accordance with VdS protection class C
  • Around 3000 lockers and large-volume closed vault storage locations are available independently of banks
  • Individual lockers in 7 different sizes
  • All keys are owned exclusively by the renter, EMS Werteinlagerung does not maintain any third or master keys
  • No obligation to provide information and report to the authorities
  • Anonymous cash payment possible, no traceability of account movements

Price overview

Rental period###5 years

from4€ / CW
  • A 4 cm 4,00 €
  • B 7 cm 5,00 €
  • C 10 cm 6,00 €
  • D 15 cm 7,00 €
  • E 20 cm 9,00 €
  • F 30 cm 11,00 €
  • G 40 cm 13,00 €

Rental period###3 years

from5€ / CW
  • A 4 cm 5,00 €
  • B 7 cm 6,00 €
  • C 10 cm 7,00 €
  • D 15 cm 8,00 €
  • E 20 cm 11,00 €
  • F 30 cm 13,00 €
  • G 40 cm 16,00 €

Rental period###1 year

from6€ / CW
  • A 4 cm 6,00 €
  • B 7 cm 7,00 €
  • C 10 cm 8,00 €
  • D 15 cm 9,00 €
  • E 20 cm 12,00 €
  • F 30 cm 15,00 €
  • G 40 cm 19,00 €

Rental period###less than 1 year

from12€ / CW
  • A 4 cm 12,00 €
  • B 7 cm 14,00 €
  • C 10 cm 23,00 €
  • D 15 cm 33,00 €
  • E 20 cm 39,00 €
  • F 30 cm 49,00 €
  • G 40 cm 69,00 €

The one-time setup fee is 69 € (57.98 € plus 19% VAT).

Do you have any special requests? Paintings, larger quantities of precious metals, or all other larger valuables can also be stored with us in various lockers and individual safes. Just talk to us. We would be happy to make you a personal offer.

Value Transport

We take care of the secure transport of your valuables from the previous locker or safe deposit box to your safe deposit box at EMS Werteinlagerung – or to a destination of your choice.

Is your safe deposit box being cancelled because your bank branch is closing? Do you still keep your valuables at home? Or do you doubt the trustworthiness of your previous bank locker? Don’t trust your existing service provider 100% anymore … Then it’s time to get your valuables moving. Under no circumstances should you take this into your own hands.

EMS Werteinlagerung reliably transports all valuables such as cash, jewelry, documents, works of art, gold, silver, platinum, and other valuable goods to your locker.

  • Transport by trained safety specialists
  • Professional safety equipment and armament
  • Civilian, highly secured emergency vehicles, partial and full armoring
  • Discreet approach
  • Transport and storage from a single source
  • Advice for the optimal insurance / valuables insurance

Transportation is free of charge up to a certain distance between the location of collection and EMS Werteinlagerung depending on our transport routes. Please ask us.

Get information now and request your valuable transportation!

Check availability

You want to keep your valuables safe with us? No problem! To make sure that your way to us will not be in vain, you can check in advance whether a suitable safe is currently available. Enter the dimensions of your valuables and your contact details in the form below. We will promptly get in touch with you.

Your advantages

When storing things of high material and/or personal value, a reliable partner is important. Read here why you should choose a locker at EMS Werteinlagerung.

At a glance

  • Discreet, bank-independent storage
  • Highest technical and constructional security levels
  • Building guarded around the clock
  • 24 hours / 365 days access to your locker (outside core business hours for a fee)
  • Personally liable management
  • Different locker sizes available in 7 different heights
  • Keys to locker only in the renter’s possession
  • EMS does not maintain any third party or master keys
  • Controlled car entry available
  • No bank-specific statutory reporting obligations
  • Special precious metal service:You can purchase precious metals from selected dealers we trust, and have them sent directly to us. We will store them for you free of charge until your next storage date.
  • Secure transport from the previous storage location to the new locker
  • Anonymous cash payment possible

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about value storage

Why does it make sense to store valuables independently of banks?

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008/09, at the latest, confidence in banks and their services has been declining. The current economic crisis is additionally aggravating mistrust in the world of banking. If a financial institution files for bankruptcy, it is highly likely that the assets stored there in lockers will initially be blocked until the situation is sorted out, which can take a long time. Banks are also legally obliged to report the customer’s master data to the tax authorities when establishing lockers. In addition, there is a statutory obligation to report assets to the tax office responsible for the administration of inheritance tax in the event of the death of a locker customer. EMS Werteinlagerung e. K. does not pass on any information about customers or stored valuables to authorities and/or third parties.

Where is the place of storage?

Our high-security building is located in 89520 Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany. With direct motorway access to the A7 motorway, centrally located in the middle of the cities of Stuttgart, Ulm, Munich, and Würzburg. You will find the way to us in our map.

Is storage at EMS anonymous?

In order to book a safe deposit box and to provide access to the vault, we need your personal data as required by the contract. We collect these from you within the framework of the conclusion of the contract. We treat this data with the utmost discretion according to the GDPR. EMS will not disclose your data to authorities and/or other third parties unless we are required to do so (e.g. as part of a judicial search warrant). In addition, the right of individual access to the vault offers a maximum of discretion. Finally, a security lock for cars ensures that you can enter and leave the building unseen. At no time will you come across any other renters. Thus, we guarantee your anonymity to a maximum.

Do I have access to my items in the event of EMS’s bankruptcy?

In the (unlikely) event of bankruptcy, EMS cannot access your valuables, as all keys are in the possession of the locker renter. EMS shall also not be entitled to the stored items. Rather, the customer has a right of segregation which, in case of doubt, can be enforced more easily and more quickly than with banks. In the event of bankruptcy and subsequent insolvency proceedings, you will be immediately informed and asked to collect your valuables, and to return your keys. Further measures to completely rule out such cases have been implemented since the beginning. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive personal advice on this subject.

When can I access my locker?

Our regular business hours are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm local time. You can access your locker free of charge at any time during this period. We ask you to register your visit at least three (3) hours in advance by telephone, so we can guarantee you the individual right of access and open the corresponding time-locked secured access locks. Access is also possible around the clock on all days of the year. Please register your visit in time. In case of a visit outside our business hours, a fee of 69,- € will be charged.

What happens if I lose my locker key?

Each renter receives two keys to his or her locker. If you lose a key, we must replace the corresponding lock for your own safety. In case you lose both keys, we have to break open the locker in question. Both will only be carried out in the presence of the renter at his expense. EMS Werteinlagerung e. K. neither has a third key nor is there a master key. Additionally, we contribute a maximum of discretion.

Are my valuables insured?

There is basic insurance for all objects. This can be individually adjusted and increased at the renter’s request. EMS also supports the renter in the search for a suitable external insurance, and has contact providers and addresses for this purpose. However, due to the high technical security standards for safes and buildings, insurance is hardly recommended or even virtually obsolete. Please also bear in mind that in case of doubt, you must inform an insurance company of the contents and value of your items in the safe deposit box.

How does storage at EMS work?

The prerequisite for the storage of valuables in our safes is an existing rental contract. We will be happy to send it to you if you are interested. However, EMS prefers to know its renters in person. After signing the contract, you can access the locker you have rented at any time. Please announce the desired access date in time. At the time agreed, you register at the entrance gate of our vault location with the access formalities agreed upon. Then, you drive to the company premises. If you wish, we can also provide you with our security lock entry for cars. You will then be picked up by one of our staff, and accompanied through the various security systems to the vault. There, you can access your safe deposit box unseen, and carry out storage or retrieval operations, or access the contents of your safe deposit box cassette unattended in the vault’s anteroom.

Who is behind EMS Werteinlagerung GbR?

Behind EMS Werteinlagerung e. K. is a personally liable shareholder: Bernd Elsenhans (security expert, specialist author, security entrepreneur). He is supported and advised by the former co-founder: Prof. Dr. Klaus Sakowski (lawyer). Just like Dr.rer.nat., Dipl.-Ing.(FH), MPhil Jürgen Müller, a former co-partner with expertise in the field of precious metals. These three gentlemen give the company its name and guarantee absolute discretion and the security of your valuables with their experience.

What is the maximum size of items that can be stored?

With our lockers in 7 different sizes, we offer you the possibility to store items up to a maximum size of 40 × 35 × 50 cm (H × W × D). However, larger items can also be stored in the vault outside the lockers, in individual safes. In this case, please contact us directly.

What can be stored at EMS?

We typically store precious metals, confidential documents, securities, jewelry (valuables), or data carriers. However, it is also possible to store works of art such as paintings etc., as our vault is air-conditioned. In addition, separate storage facilities are available in accordance with the standard of the current firearms laws. The deposit of software source code is also possible in order to grant customers access to the source code in the event of the software manufacturer’s bankruptcy (so-called software escrow). Dangerous goods, especially flammable goods, cannot be stored. The storage of items is also not permitted if and to the extent that the law prohibits the possession, use, or safekeeping of such items (e.g. weapons laws, narcotics laws, the German Atomic Energy Act, the German War Weapons control Act, etc.).

How do I transport my valuables safely to EMS?

EMS Werteinlagerung takes care of the transfer to your new safe deposit box at EMS Werteinlagerung. Experienced, well-equipped security forces transport your valuables in civilian, highly secured protection vehicles. A discrete approach is a matter of course. The transport / transport of valuables is free of charge for you up to a certain distance from the previous storage location to EMS Werteinlagerung, depending on the current routing of the regular transports. Please ask us.

Any Questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally. Call us, write us an e-mail, or make an appointment for a personal meeting at our company headquarters:

EMS Werteinlagerung e.K.
In den Tieräckern 7
89520 Heidenheim


Phone: +49 (0)7321 – 94 70 100
Fax: +49 (0)7321 – 94 70 333


EMS Werteinlagerung combines the high professional competence of various security experts and companies:,,